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Our goals and objectives are to promote physical, social, emotional, intellectual, language growth and development, and to increase the quality of life for all of the children enrolled in our program regardless of racial, religious or economic background. In order to provide a healthy, growing experience for the children, our primary focus is on building positive human relationships as a sound base for good mental health. Good relationships are reflected in the teacher’s care, concern, guidance, and instruction. The children’s perception of themselves and their world depends largely on the quality of this “input” by the adults in their lives.

Play activities take up a major part of a child’s waking hours and we use this play as a foundation upon which to promote whole-child development. Although the children may seem to be “merely” playing, they are, in fact, learning many of the skills needed to help them grow towards kindergarten readiness. These essential skills include: hand-eye coordination, awareness of shapes, creativity, patience, perseverance, balance, symmetry, listening skills, imagination, sharing and co-operation, and most importantly, developing their self-confidence and self-awareness.

The teachers are always close at hand in a guiding, supporting, and enabling capacity, but the play environment is, for the most part, designed to be self-motivating, child-directed, and teacher-facilitated.