Our childcare centre is run as a co-operative school: families and teachers work together to provide an enjoyable learning environment for the children. We stress the word “co-operative” because it is vital for the successful operation of the Centre. Family participation includes:

  •    helping with your child’s class as a Duty Day Participant, on a monthly basis (depending on class size);
  •    volunteering for a committee or Board position; and
  •    taking part in Centre activities such as Centre cleanup and maintenance, fundraising, etc.

Families can also share ideas and/or problems concerning their children with one another and with the teachers. We encourage you to contribute your ideas and talents to the school program.

An Executive Board, elected from the membership, assumes overall responsibility of running of the preschool. Committees are organized each year to operate the school. Whenever everyone works together, no one person carries the load. For the school to run smoothly all must be truly co-operative.